Temping as a career choice

Temping has become a career choice for many jobseekers and professionals who are looking for increased flexibility and a better work life balance. In a leaner market temping has also become a good option for jobseekers who are between roles but want to stay active in the employment market and keep their skills current.

Temping can give you the professional edge and offer the following benefits.

  • Flexible working hours to suit your personal life
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Gain practical on-the-job experience in a variety of industries
  • The opportunity to get into a desirable company when no permanent positions exist
  • By getting a foot in the door you will be well placed to apply for a permanent position when one becomes available.

As more and more employers recognise the value temporary staff can add to a company’s bottom line the demand for temporary candidates rises.

Harmonics Recruitment specialise in placing Technical candidates across a variety of industries in temporary, contract and interim positions.

For further information on working as a Temporary Employee with Harmonics Recruitment download our terms of employment or speak to the team at 061 336136.